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New Jersey Cheap Mature Driver Course

Did You Know You Could Get a Discount on Your Auto Insurance?

In New Jersey, drivers over the age of 50 with a good driving record can complete a 6-hour Mature Driver Improvement Course to get up to a 15% discount on auto insurance premiums for three years! The successful completion of a defensive driving course demonstrates to insurance companies that the motorist knows how to avoid collisions and is less of a liability on the road. All insurers are required by the state to reduce your rates for three years, but the amount of the discount varies by insurance provider. Check with your insurer to see exactly how much you can save.

Completing the Course

Cheap Mature Driver Course has been designed specifically to educate older drivers about the effects that aging can have on a person's ability to safely control a motor vehicle, and suggests helpful remedies and alternatives. The engaging, professionally designed, easy-to-read course is filled with colorful illustrations and video clips. And our hilarious traffic-related jokes will have you laughing while you learn. Best of all, useful safe-driving tips will help you to avoid a run-in with the law—or other vehicles!

The course is 100% online. You can register now and start the course whenever you like. Work at your own pace, completing a chapter or two at a time. Log in or out as often as you like. The course is even mobile-friendly so you can work on it on a phone or tablet. But don't worry; the program is easy to complete — even if you're not an expert Internet user!

The course includes helpful information about:

  • New Jersey traffic laws
  • defensive driving techniques
  • vehicle safety systems
  • the dangers of alcohol and other drugs
  • distracted driving and driver psychology
  • handling various driving environments
  • special considerations for the mature driver

This New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC)-approved 6-hour course is broken into several manageable chapters. Just read through each fun lesson and take an interactive quiz. After you complete the course, we'll issue an official Certificate of Completion that you can present to your insurance provider to claim your discount. (The certificate of completion is mailed out to you the business day following your pass date. You have the opportunity to upgrade to Email, 2-Day, or Overnight delivery options.)

Online registration is fast and simple, and you can get started right away. The low cost for this course is just $10!